• kingjoshuae

    Hi Tyler & Cattle,
    Thank you for bringing this issue forward. I will be working on fixing it as soon as I finish this message.

    I would also like to point out I am aware there is an absolute lack of staff and I agree that it is not acceptable, for which I apologise.

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  • kingjoshuae

    This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to claim land on our Survival Server. If you require any extra help regarding this, please reply to this thread or ask a staff member in-game.

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  • kingjoshuae

    This is the template you will be expected to follow when applying for the Moderator Rank on our Network. Be honest and provide a decent amount of information. Any applications which are generic, copied or boring will be declined. Asking a staff member to check your application will result in an instant decline. Good Luck!

    1. What is your In Game Name?

    2. How old are you?

    3. How long have you played Arkena for? We have methods of tracking your playtime. So be honest.

    4. If you were to be promoted to the Moderator Rank, what staff duty would you feel is the most important?

    5. What do you feel that you could bring to us?

    6. How many hours/days per week could you be actively checking forums and be online helping players?

    7. Have you ever been banned/muted on our Network?

    8. What is the most important rule to you?

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  • kingjoshuae

    This is the format you should follow when applying for YouTuber Rank. Remember to provide as much information in relation to the question as possible. Do not ask staff members to check your application, Doing so will result in an instant deny.

    1. What is your Channel URL & Name?

    2. How many subscribers have you got currently?

    3. Do you enjoy YouTube? Be honest and explain your answer.

    4. How many videos would you be willing to record on our Network? Again, be honest. This is not a number you will be expected to meet all of the time, but you will have to produce a sensible number.

    5. Why do you feel you should have YouTuber Rank?

    6. What do you feel like you can bring us?

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  • kingjoshuae

    This is the official Ban Appeal Template. Your appeal will not be considered unless it is posted with the same information and laid out in this manner.

    1. What is your in-game name(s)?

    2. Who banned you?

    3. Why were you banned?

    4. Do you feel your punishment was suitable for your offense?

    5. Would you do the same thing again?

    6. Have you re-read the rules of the Network?

    Post your Appeal in this Sub Category, do not ask any staff members to check your appeal. It will be checked and reviewed thoroughly.

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