• Brutish68

    Apparently I was unadded from the discord and was moved back down to Citizen on the server and I was not given a reason and I would at least like to be given a reason as to why. It wasn’t like that last night when I got home from my graduation (as to my knowledge). And I’d just like an answer as to why I wasn’t even told about anything? Thanks, Brutish.

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  • Brutish68

    Thank you for the welcome Adam! I appreciate it. You all seem like very nice people and Tyler has spoke highly of all of you. I’ve enjoyed the server so far! And the discord is pretty entertaining haha!

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  • Brutish68

    My name is Tay.
    My In-Game Name is Brutish68 or most people just call me Brutish or Bru.
    I have a pet peeve when it comes to grammar so if you’re wondering if I will correct you on your grammar, then yes, you are correct. Don’t get upset about it. Learn from it.

    I’ve been staff on 2 previous servers.
    On one of them, I was a Sr. Mod on their Prison Server and Mod on their Creative (Plots) Server.
    Another ones, I was a Archangel which is the highest rank you could get on there (pretty much like an Adv. Admin you could say).
    I’m also a Co-Owner of a server and when something needs to get done, if someone else will not do it, I try to find a way to do it myself. I hate slackers. If I ask you to get something done, I expect you to get it done as quickly and as efficient as possible. I understand if things happen, that’s life but still, there will always be time. If not for you, then someone else can.

    I’d consider myself a pretty trustworthy person. I try to be nice and fair to every player or person that I meet but that’s just me. I also don’t believe in just sentences for replying to important questions, sometimes they will be maybe 2-5 sentences if necessary. I’m honest and up front with you. If I don’t like something then I’ll tell you. I haven’t been apart of this server for long but I like it so far, even if there have been a few tiny bugs, that’s nothing really. It only means there’s more room for improvement. I try to give positive criticism if any at all. If I say something about what I don’t like, I’ll usually tell you - in my opinion - on how you could maybe fix or improve it.

    But yeah, that’s pretty much it for now.

    Until next time, Brutish.

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