This is the template you will be expected to follow when applying for the Moderator Rank on our Network. Be honest and provide a decent amount of information. Any applications which are generic, copied or boring will be declined. Asking a staff member to check your application will result in an instant decline. Good Luck!

  1. What is your In Game Name?

  2. How old are you?

  3. How long have you played Arkena for? We have methods of tracking your playtime. So be honest.

  4. If you were to be promoted to the Moderator Rank, what staff duty would you feel is the most important?

  5. What do you feel that you could bring to us?

  6. How many hours/days per week could you be actively checking forums and be online helping players?

  7. Have you ever been banned/muted on our Network?

  8. What is the most important rule to you?